Conservatories & Orangeries

The Perfect Way to Extend Your Home


Conservatories have more benefits than you might think. They don’t just provide lots of extra room – our insulation means your new conservatory will retain heat in the winter, and won’t be too hot in the summer, creating a comfortable space for you to enjoy all year round. With a variety of styles to choose from – ranging from contemporary to more classic designs – you’re sure to find just the right way to bring the garden into your home…and your home into the garden!

Why Choose an Orangery?

LivinRoom Technology


The LivinRoom is a truly multi-functional addition to your living space offering lots more than a traditional conservatory or an extension by providing a pleasant and relaxing space full of natural light.

The Feel


This roof gives the feel of an extension, providing greater value rather than just being a 'closed off conservatory'.

The Efficiency


The LivinRoom is much more energy efficient than a standard conservatory and can reduce heating costs by up to a huge 40%.

The Interior


With a perimeter ceiling enhanced with spot lights, you can enjoy your space any time of the day. Speakers can also be installed around the perimeter ceiling.

Details about the Splendor Livin Roof

LivinRoof Technology


The LivinRoof is designed to combine solid and glazed roofing. The LivinRoof is a simple solution to a tired existing glazed or polycarbonate roof that is too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.

Thermal Performance


When the LivinRoof is compared to a standard conservatory, the thermal results are amazing.

Vaulted Ceiling


A Vaulted Ceiling is optional to the customer. This offers an additional stylish edge, perfect for hanging lights.

Unique Glass Panels


The fantastic thing about the living roof, is that you can choose how much glazing you want, making it totally unique and  personalised to your own taste.

Maximum Use


The LivinRoof provides a roof that is guarenteed to offer maximum use at any time of the year.

The Cornice


A range of cornice's are available, including different shapes, colours and materials to suit your choice.

Details about Ultra Sky Conservatories

The Design

The Ultra Sky Roof can be fitted into any extension, orangery or a flat roof, offering a siblime and modern view into the sky.

The Choices

We offer a range of different glass tints and styles, and a range of different colour and material frames.

The Size

The size of the Ultra Sky Roof can be tailored to your choice. The sizes are available up to 6m x 4m.

The Performance

The thermal results of this roof are second to none, once again offering full use of the room for 365 days of the year.

The UltraRoof

Dive into the Details

UltraRoof provides the perfect solution where a conservatory can be too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Moreover, it creates a beautiful vaulted plastered ceiling inside - and on the outside a stunning lightweight tiled finish.

For those who want a solid roof but still want to retain an element of light within the room, the innovative technology in the UltraRoof allows the installation of

multiple glass panels or Velux Windows – this can help project light into the adjacent room and give you a truly bespoke design.

About Flat Roof Conservatories

Maximum Light

The unique style of roof offers a tremendous amount of light, creating the look of an open roof area.

The Design

The contemporary design of the Flat Roof gives a sleek and modern appearance, revitalising any home extension.

Ultimate Performance

The thermal performance of the Flat Roof is outstanding, offering the complete feel of an extension, while bringing in daylight through the fabulous glass panes.

About Glass Roof Replacements

Types of Glass


We offer a range of tints, which are all designed for different expectations and needs. 

The Styles


We can offer a glass roof for any style of conservatory. All of the types are listed at the top of the page.

Anti Sun Glass


The range of Anti Sun glass helps ensure that your conservatory remains usable all year round by controlling the head radiation from the sun.

Frame Styles


The glass roof can be held in place by a different range of frames, including different colours and shapes.

Conservatory Shape Details

Edwardian Conservatory


 A square fronted duo-pitch with a central ridge, this conservatory style maximises floor space. Available in sizes up to 6.3m wide.

Gable End Conservatory


 Gable ended roofs consist of duo pitched sides with a flat faced frontage. This style can include the use of a decorative front utilising profile or Georgian bars. 

T Shaped Conservatory


 A combination of roof styles, T-shaped conservatories are aesthetically balanced and create a versatile living space. 

Lean To Conservatory


A conservatory with a mono pitched roof. The pitch of the roof can be varied to as low as 2.5° making it both a popular and a versatile option .

P Shape Conservatory


A combination shaped roof usually constructed from a lean-to section at the side of a Victorian/Edwardian shaped roof 

Victorian Conservatory


A bay fronted duo-pitched roof with a central ridge, typically with three or fi ve facets at the front. Available in sizes up to 6.5m wide